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Label applicators for your package labelling

The various applicators from Weber Marking Systems enable almost any label application with pre-printed labels.

An automatic label dispenser is a type of labelling system that applies pre-printed labels to products or packaging – fast and accurately. Our various label dispensers are the solution to virtually any industry and logistics application. The label applicators can be adapted to suit the demands of the customer, thanks to our cutting-edge modular system. Contact us for a free expert consultation!


Label applicator Alpha Compact

Alpha-Labellers work quick, reliable and without any difficulty. This label applicator is characterized by a simple handling and an enhanced scope of operation.​

The operation concept is consistently modular designed. Changing the label size via calibration function is as easy within a few seconds possible as changing the label roll. Furthermore calibrated sets of parameter can be memorized and remain also in case of an interface change. Generally there are three different types of interface. A simple and uncomplicated operation via simply designed panel. Enhanced operation field and full parameter access via display. Professional mode without display or panel controlled via USB and para-metered. The cabinet indicates consciously similarities to Alpha V40. This ensures a simple exchangeability.

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Advantages of the Alpha Compact:

  • In the cabinet integrated controller

  • Modular user interface (operation panel, display, PC-parametered)

  • User menu also available in Cyrillic

  • USB-Interface allows up- and downloadof labeler set-up

  • Enhanced reliability and performance

  • Modular system concept

Technical Key-Features:

  • Label Size max. 120 x 300 mm

  • Application Speed max. 50m/min

  • Rotating shaft encoder of 0-50m/min (infinitely speed adjustment)

  • Application Rate up to 600 pcs./min possible

  • Application Accuracy +/‐ 0,8mm

  • Weight 22 kg

  • Environmental Temperature 10‐38°C

Contact Encods today to see what labelling products we have to offer!

Looking for a trusted company who has years of experience to help you code and mark your products? Whether you're a small business and want to add barcodes to your products or you want to add traceability codes, contact our helpful team today to see how we can assist you.

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