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Automatic Labelling Systems for Printing and Application

Labelling solutions that keep production lines moving

Weber print and apply labelling machines can offer you the correct labelling solution to meet any conceivable application requirement. Solutions covering a multitude of sizes and shapes – for square, round and oval containers, on critical surfaces such as filled sack, wood, plastic, or even steel surfaces, for non-contact hygienically demanding products or RFID labels. Safe and easy to use Weber industrial labellers provides the highest and most reliable quality printing that will help you to achieve a great cost of ownership through maximum production uptime, high performance, and minimum downtime.


Legi-Air 2050

Compact, robust and cost-  effective: High performance in a  confined space.


Legi-Air 4050E

With quick-change system:  Extended system diversity for  precision labelling.


Legi-Air 5300


Labels passing or stationary  pallets at particularly high speeds.


Pallet Labeller AP182

Label pallets on up to three  different sides without  protective fence.

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Are you looking for a reliable company with years of experience to help you label your products? Whether you're a small business and want to add barcodes to your products or you want to add traceability codes, contact our helpful team today to see how we can assist you.

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